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PPC Course by DMA, Bangalore

About Our PPC Course

SEM referred as PPC is a kind of Search Engine Marketing, where you increase the website’s visibility through paid advertising in the form of contextual ads, banner ads, and sponsored links.

Google AdWords professional training ensures that you get complete exposure to the PPC network and other forms of advertising such as video, text, and display ads. During the course, you will be able to learn how to structure a campaign, improve the ad quality, and how to convert leads.

  • 15 Days Course
  • Learn from Experts
  • Real-Time Projects
  • Live Training
  • Certification

Course Objectives

The course covers different aspects of Google advertising. After the training program, you will be able to-

1. Master the AdWords Interface and manage an account.

2. Formulate, plan, and execute various campaigns in the Google advertising network.

3. You will be able to learn different bidding strategies and methodologies.

     Once you complete the course, you will be able to create and run your own campaigns with ease and analyse the results.

Best Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore by DMA

What you will learn in this PPC course?

Topics to cover with your PPC course

  • Search Engine Marketing Fundamentals
  • Search Engine Marketing Types
  • Search Marketing Components
  • Setting and Converting Goals
  • Launching SEM Campaign
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Ad Implementation
  • and much more…
Best Digital Marketing Courses by DMA, Bangalore
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Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] is a complex process that drives high quality traffic and visibility to your website to rank on top of search engines organically in SERP, especially on Google.com or Google.in.

Search Engine marketing is also referred to as Pay Per Click [PPC]. Paid advertising is the best way to get targeted traffic to your website to achieve your goals with the best ROI by placing ads in Google AdWords search, Display, Shopping and Video.

Social Media platforms have revolutionized marketing concepts since the rise of smartphone devices. Social media marketing strategies are formulated to reach the right audience and communities for your business and brands.

Web Analytics is the process of collecting web data, analyzing & reporting the website’s visitors behaviour to understand and optimize the website. Businesses use Google Analytics to measure & analyse site performance. 

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