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About DMA

Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore

DMA’s mission is to make Digital marketing fun and easy to learn!

Join Digital Minds Academy and take our courses in Adwords, Social Media Marketing, and Search engine marketing and learn about all three pillars of Digital marketing. Classes are taught in both live and video formats. Our classes are interactive and include student volunteer websites, group discussions, presentations, questionnaires, quizzes and exams.

DMA also specializes in conducting training programs for marketing departments, corporate groups, and small business owners.

All our trainers are proficient and in-house industry experts and love to share their knowledge about Digital Marketing. 

Training Courses

Our Training Courses  Cover all Aspects of Digital Marketing Including:
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Display and Pay per Click Campaigns
  • Social Media networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Community Building
  • Community Management
  • Viral Marketing
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Corporate Website Design (i.e. design for success, landing page optimization, usability)
    • Measuring ROI
    • Analytic Reporting
    • Content Development
    • Multimedia Marketing

Our courses are designed in such a way so as to provide you with a complete understanding of the digital space and help you in creating a plan of action to build your own startup using digital strategies.

We value your time and so we have worked strategically to develop a training program that provides results.

Our Trainers

Rajesh Naidu
Lead Trainer @ DMA

Rajesh has 7+ Years Experience in Sales, Marketing, and Digital Marketing. He was worked in top MNC’s, digital marketing agencies, and also as a guest faculty, teaching digital marketing. His expertise is in SEO, SEM and Social Media, and even Web Design. He has also done a lot of freelance work in the field. 

Guest Trainer @ DMA

Praveen has 7+ Years of Industry experience. He is passionate about blogging, web programming, and a Digital Marketing Specialist. He Loves to write, design, and market pretty much anything legit. He currently helps his clients in monetizing blogs through various digital marketing methods. Since 2010, Praveen has been teaching students about everything he knows in Digital marketing. Praveen has worked for TCS, Webfosys networks, and Vydehi Groups and does corporate training in top MNCs.

Guest Trainer @ DMA

An Computer Science Engineer having 8+ years of experience in digital marketing. Presently working for an MNC as a digital marketing consultant. He has been mentoring various digital marketing training programs for corporate companies and colleges as freelance trainer and speaker.  Has conducted over 50 seminars and workshops in colleges throughout Karnataka.

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